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-10% when booking directly

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The Strasbourg survival guide and the top tips

Welcome to Hotel Tandem, the first eco-friendly hotel in Strasbourg, respectful of your well-being and of our environment Through this guide, we will make you discover the attractive offers of our city, and everything you need to know to take full advantage of your stay.

We rely on all of our employees who live in our city to find hidden gems such as gourmet food shops, environmentally responsible restaurants and wine cellars, eco-friendly boutiques, microbreweries and all the tourist destinations not to be missed.

We remind you that smoking is prohibited in our hotel.

To reach the reception dial 9.

The hotel is open 24h/24.

Our team speak French, English, German.



Label Clef Verte
Label Agriculture Biologique
Label Ecotable
Label accueil Vélo
Label Qualité Tourisme


Rooms are available from2 pm.
The check-out is at12 pm at the latest on the day of your departure.

In case you wish to extend your stay a few hours, we offer you to bargain price of 10€ per hour until 4 pm (subject to room availability).

Please keep your magnetic card during your stay and don’t forget to leave it at the reception the day of your departure.

For the payment, we accept cash in Euros and credit cards as follow : American Express, Master Card, Visa.
We do not accept checks.


Every rooms and common spaces have a free WIFI connection. Simply select “hôtel tandem” in the list of available network.

The password is “bienvenue”.


Did your stay go well?
We want to be sure! We are always happy to hear your thoughts on your stay in our hotel.
For example, by leaving a comment on Tripadvisor.com…We would be very happy if you left us a 5-star rating.
Do you have a suggestion, an improvement or an urgent request ? Call us by dialing 9 from your room or simply go straight to the reception, we will do everything to help you.
You can also send us an email on reservations@hotel-tandem.fr, it will be a pleasure to answer you back.


After a gentle wake up, you leave your room to find the aromas of our home-made breakfast offerings to wake up your senses and taste buds.

You arrive in the animated living space to find the seasonnal products from short supply chains, from our region, for a local & bio breakfast. We have removed every plastic container.

Explore the offerings of the various buffets and enjoy. Dairy products from our farmhouse, seasonnal fruits, cold cuts from direct farmers, pastries & biscuits, hot products renewed every day and prepare in front of you.

We have something for every taste and diet.

The breakfast service takes place from 6h30 to 10h00, from Monday to Friday and from 7h00 to 11h00 on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

We propose2 breakfast formulas. The breakfast buffet at 17€ and an express breakfast at 10€, serve at the bar with a hot drink, a juice, bread with butter and jam, a pastry and a seasonnal fruit.

The breakfast can be served in your room. Please dial 9 and we will give you the menu to order. The price is 17€.

breakfast to go

For the early birds…We thought of you ! Fill the information in on the tote bag in your room and hang it up on the outside door handle of your room before 23h00.

As early as 5 am, your local & organic breakfast will be waiting for you at the reception, neatly packed in your tote bag.


Strasbourg have 600km of bicycle lanes and is the number one city in France to visit by bike. Give up your car just for your stay and go green in our eco-friendly hotel.

It will be a pleasure for us to provide you the best tips thanks to easy and practical apps. We will also help you to organize every detail of your city tour, even advice on what to buy for your zero-waste picnic of local products for an unforgettable stroll.

Our rates per person are as follows :

Bicycle :
½ day (1h to 6h) : 9€
Full day (24h) : 18€

Tandem :
½ day (1h to 6h) : 15€
Full day (24h) : 30€

Picnic package : from 20€/person incuding a meal, a blanket and all the no-waste containers.

Bike rental is from 16 years old. General conditions to validate before any cycle loan.

For bike and tandem, first came is first serve.



The team’s Chti (northern French), passed through Lorraine and now an Alsatian from heart. She’s always on the move with the smile, and a piece of advice to make your stay unforgettable.

Unfindable bars

  • Le Bar caché – 4-6 rue des Aveugles – Strasbourg. Wide selection of alcools in a place you have to find.
  • Code Bar : 39 rue du Vieil-Hôpital – Strasbourg

My favorite place to have a lunch or diner

  • Bloom : 2 Place des Meuniers – Strasbourg.
  • Les Innocents : 4 rue Paul Muller Simonis – Strasbourg
  • Pierre Bois et Feu : 6 rue du Bains-aux-Roses – Strasbourg
  • Le Schnockeloch
    : 1 Quai St Jean – Strasbourg. Safe bet at 300m from the hotel. Alsatian home made dishes

My gustatory memories

  • Mireille Oster – Pain d’épices : 14 rue des Dentelles ou 17 rue des Moulins – Strasbourg. Gingerbread lovers : you can’t miss it. An institution.
  • La Cure Gourmande
    : 5 rue Mercière – Strasbourg. Biscuit & chocolate in a lovely atmosphere.


Alsatian, ecology passionate, sports fan, and epicurean, I have the pleasure to share my best deals with you. So saddle up and come meet us to have sharing moments and exchanges opinions about our passions.

An alsatian meal that will make the difference

  • Le Pont Corbeau : 21 Quai Saint Nicolas – Strasbourg. Huge selection of wine from everywhere but particularly from Alsace and little cost.
  • Le Zehnerglock : 4 rue du Vieil Hôpital – Strasbourg

Chocolate lovers

  • Pâtisserie Thierry Mulhaupt : 18 rue du Vieux Marché aux Poissons – Strasbourg. Home made chocolate. From the cocoa bean to the chocolate bar.
  • Jacques Bockel : 10 rue du Vieux Marché aux Poissons – Strasbourg

For the heavy drinker

  • Ill Vino bar. 19 Quai des Pêcheurs –Strasbourg. Floating wine bar on a barge, very typical.
  • Un Cantalou : 100 Grand’Rue – Strasbourg. A large selection of glass of Alsatian wine and more.

My wine cellars

  • Au fil du vin libre : 26 Quai des Bâteliers – Strasbourg. A really good selection of bio wine. It’s worth a taste.
  • Entre Deux verres : 9 rue Rathsamhausen – Strasbourg. Bio and nature wines with precious advises.
  • Vino Strada : 1 rue du Temple Neuf – Strasbourg. 3500 reference of wine and 1000 liquors choose by Isabelle, the head of the place.

My bio grocery in a lovely alsatian town.

  • La cigogne en vrac : 97 A rue du Gén. de Gaulle – 67560 ROSHEIM. Bio and bulk products serve by a 100% female staff with traditionnal alsatian outfit.


The other team member from Lorraine although born in Toulouse. With his smile and good cheer, he will be the sunshine of your day. He knows the addresses of great bars, restaurants and assorted off-the-beaten-path places of the Strasbourg nights.

What if Strasbourg set me on fire ?

  • La Caupona Taverne : 109 Grand’Rue – Strasbourg. A big brewery open from 7 to 1.30 every day, we can eat there very good “Tartes Flambée” . (*tarte flambée or flammkuchen – local speciality composed of bread dough rolled out very thinly in the shape of a rectangle or oval, which is covered with cottage cheese, thin-sliced onions and lardons)
  • La Binchstub : 28 Impasse de l’Ecrevisse – Strasbourg. 100% alsatian, with the flagship product : tarte flambée

For the thirstiest

  • Le Raven : 5 Place du Corbeau – Strasbourg
  • Bar Exil : 28 rue de l’Ail – Strasbourg

Shopping spree

  • Wanamanashoes : 13 rue du Dôme – Strasbourg. All the most fashion shoes in a trendy concept.
  • V Store : 2 rue des Ecrivains – Strasbourg.
  • Curious ? Concept store in Strasbourg : 6 A Quai Kellermann – Strasbourg. A must do !

Alsatians micro brewery

  • Brasserie Bendorf : 114 rue Jean Jaurès – Strasbourg. In Neudorf area, beers with bio malt and hop. A shop open from thursday to saturday.
  • Brasserie Perle : 11 rue de l’Ardèche- ZI des Bouchers- Strasbourg. A shop open from thursday to saturday.
  • The beer temple
    Le Village de la bière : 22 rue des Frères – Strasbourg. In a lively and young district, a shop with a choice of 400 beers.

Green grocerys

  • Le bocal : 21 rue de la Krutenau – Strasbourg. Same battle as our hotel, no plastic here, with no waste containers. Bio and local products.
  • Day by day : 100 route du Polygone – Strasbourg. Bulk products only.

Alsatian concept store

  • Bretzel Airlines : 2 rue du Parchemin – Strasbourg. Clothes, accessories, and gadgets with the Pretzel as logo. One of a kind. Unique.

Vegetal canteen

  • Copper Branch : 39 Rue du Vieux-Marché-aux-Vins – Strasbourg. Vegetarien and vegan restaurant
  • Madame Julia : 34 rue de la 1ère armée – Strasbourg. Awesome place, looks like our hotel with high ceiling and brick walls.

An eco-friendly flower shop.

  • Les fleurs du bien : 27 rue Brûlée – Strasbourg.


Very curious and passionnate, Myriam is always moving from place to place through the seasons in Strasbourg to find the best local growers and producer. Generous, she share with pleasure her marketplace adress through her creations 100 % home made, that you can find on the breakfast buffet.

Myriam is motivated everyday to make you discover the art of cooking, welcoming and sharing in an alsatian way.

My good bistronomic addresses

  • Restaurant les Haras. 23 rue des Glacières – Strasbourg.
  • Les Sales Gosses. 56Boulevard Clemenceau – Strasbourg
  • Mademoiselle 10. 10 Quai des Pêcheurs – Strasbourg

My gourmet break

  • Pâtisserie chez Christian. 12 rue de l’Outre-Strasbourg
  • Le Thé des Muses– 19 rue Sainte Barbe-Strasbourg
  • Café Bretelles. 5 rue de Zurich- Strasbourg

Strasbourg in an unusual way !

Have a tour on an license-free electric boat on L’ “Ill”

  • Marin d’eau douce : Du lundi au dimanche de 9H30-22H à partir de 8 euros/pers/Heure
    Nautical base – 5 Quai du Woerthel
    Tel : 09 70 71 40 60
  • Captain Bretzel : From Monday to Sunday, from 10.00 to 22.00. From 7€/pers/hour.
    Quai du Bassin Dusuzeau
    Tel : 06 28 69 83 25


“L’Echappée-bière” (The Escape Beer)

L’Echappée Bière (The Escape Beer) propose a fun visit for the epicurean : a walk with a funny way to discover Strasbourg and it’s brewery, with all the secrets and History. The Stras Beer Tour is born for you.

Agenda des sorties à découvrir : https://tourisme.echappee-biere.fr/


The “Maison Kammerzell” and the historic area around the Cathedral.

One of the most famous house of Strasbourg, the Kammerzell House, was built in 1571.

Place du Marché aux Cochons de Lait : this small square is lined with half-timbered houses

And all the streets and alleys around the Cathedral where you have to get lost !

The district of Petite France

the Petite France is a picturesque district of the historic center of Strasbourg. Located on the Grande Ile (Great Island), it’s classified in the World Heritage of UNESCO since 1988.

Picturesque neighborhood, it’s preserved a lot of half-timbered houses, as the “Maison des Tanneurs” and the “Maison Haderer”

Cathedral Notre Dame de Strasbourg

The Gothic Cathedral of Strasbourg is 142 meters high. You can visit it and reach the plateform at 66 meters high, but you have to climb the 330 stairs ! It’s actually the 5th highest Cathedral of the world.


Discover in our restaurant a place of sharing, conviviality and simplicity and let yourself be guided by our teams who will take care of you.

We can propose you a wide choice of meditteranean food, most of the time vegetal, on a buffet. The menu is renewed everyday because we work with fresh and seasonnal products only.

Here, you will rediscover the natural product, with a lot of taste and savore. You will feel like at home.

We selected only involved producer that we’ve met for most of them, in order to propose to you quality, healthy and sustainable products.

We choose small-scale farming or traditional farming methods, in organic form, which eliminates any product from a conventional and intensive production method. We produce our own aromatic herbs from our garden located on the roof terrace of the patio, as well as some summer fruits and vegetables from peasant seeds.

Our restaurant is open in the evening from 7pm to 10pm from Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. CURRENTLY CLOSED FOR HEALTH MESURES

A snacks menu with savoury and sweet “home-made” preparations is also available throughout the day.


Like the other areas in the hotel, the bar and the wine cellar are places of conviviality, sharing and exchange where our guests are at the centre of all our attentions.

We have made a selection of organic and natural wines with men and women who love and respect their terroir, as well as more or less distant spirits, small treasures or more famous brands.

In summer, take a seat in our green interior patio to enjoy your drink and enjoy the last light of the day.

Opening times: 12 p.m. to 11 p.m. daily


Secured luggage storage is available at the 24-hour front desk. You can ask for luggage assistance at reception if necessary and leave it free of charge in the luggage storage during your stay and on the day of your departure.


• Reception / dial 9

• Call from room to room, dial the 1 followed by the number of the room you wish to call.

To make a call to a local french number, dial the 0 followed of the 10-digit number
• To make a call to an international number, dial 000 followed by  the country code and the phone number.

• Samu (medical emergencies) 0 + 15

• Police 0+17
• Fireman 0 + 18

Calls are included in your room rate.


Dial 9 or meet us at the reception to tell us the time at which you wish to be awakened.


List channels and radios available on your TV by selecting the button in the centre of the remote control “ch. list.”


You have enjoyed our products and our decoration in your room.

Please note that these items are on sale at the hotel reception.

Here you will find:

  • Reception product Grown Alchemist: shampoo, body cleansing gel, hand cleansing gel: 19€/bottle
  • Bottle of water Castalie : 12€
  • Towel and bath mat : 15€
  • Bathing cloth : 20€
  • Square or rectangular pillow: 25€/pièce
  • Hair dryer : 45€
  • Black bamboo pot : 15€
  • Desk lamp Anglepoise – black : 150€
  • Courtesy tray : 75€

Net prices all taxes including


Heating in winter and air conditioning in summer are controlled via the wall panel in your room.

To reduce our carbon emissions, we recommend turning on the air conditioning only when the room temperature exceeds 26 °C and setting the heating to 19 °C.

Please remember to turn off the heating or air conditioning when you are not in the room to preserve energy.


A baby cot (free) can be installed in a superior or family room. For this, please ask at the reception.

Access to the breakfast buffet is free for children under 6 years of age. For children from 6 to 12 years old, the price is €8. 50.


A selection of newpaper is available from the app Pressreader downloadable to your phone.


A safe is at your disposal in the entrance of your room. We recommend that you do not leave any valuables inside your room.


Your room is cleaned without chemicals every day between 9am and 3pm. If you do not wish to be disturbed, please place the “Do Not disturb” sign on the outside handle of your door. Please note that your room will not be cleaned if this message is still present at 3pm.

In order to preserve our planet, we donate to the Sea Shepherd Association (NGO for the protection of the oceans) the cost of laundry you have made.

Here is our green policy:

  • Towels hanging: you reuse them
  • Towels in the shower or on the floor: we change them
  • Your sheets are changed every two days. However, for your convenience and upon request, we can do it more regularly.


An oversight. . . Don’t panic!! ! The hotel is pleased to provide you with the following services:

  • Dental Kit
  • Shaving Kit
  • Feminin Kit
  • Adaptator
  • Phone charger

Do not hesitate to ask us, we will be happy to help you.
A dry -hair and welcome products are at your disposal in your bathroom.


A visit to our boutique corner dressed entirely in pink and its completely vegetalized dressing will allow you to discover our small finds of regional products andgroceries as well as a selection of live wines.

We have remained true to our philosophy by giving priority toshort circuits, defending our producers and their vision in order to offer you their products that we have obviously tasted.

Traduire Besides this we have kept a special place for our literary discoveries and books that will tell you among other things about cycling, architecture and ecology


In order to help you best to visit our beautiful city, capital of Europe, you will find tourist information and city maps on foot or by bicycle at the reception. Our team will be happy to share their tips with you.


Every month, we organise a series of events open to all. From pastry classes to yoga classes, to DIYs of your natural care products.

Rendez-vous on hotel-tandem. fr to find out what happens during your stay.


We are committed to sustainable development and do everything we can to minimise our impact on the planet.

For this reason, you won’t find any plastic in your room except for what we haven’t been able to replace with a durable equivalent.

For example our soap and shampoo, but for which we have opted for a refillable product.

Below you will find some of the actions we have implemented.

    All our bathroom sinks are equipped with a foam to reduce water consumption by up to 50%.
    All rooms are equipped with a card reader for light.
    All our luminaires are equipped with energy-saving bulbs
    The whole hotel is equipped with sorting bins to allow you to sort the maximum amount of waste.
    However, our first fight is to minimise incoming waste from the start, to avoid waste, to reuse what can be reused.
    We separate cardboard, glass, batteries, light bulbs, inkjet cartridges and toners, bio-waste.
    We use Ecolabel printing paper.
    We offer you products from organic or regional farming as well as from our organic vegetable garden.
    All our collaborators are aware of and trained in water, energy and waste management.

As a guest, here are some actions you can take to help us during your stay:

  • Turn off the air conditioning or heating when you open the windows
  • Close the taps well after use
  • Report a leak
  • Do not let water run while shaving or brushing your teeth
  • Do not leave appliances on standby
  • Traduire Avoid waste at breakfast or restaurant, take only what you will consume
  • Change towels only when necessary


Our hotel is completely non-smoking. However, our interior patio located on the ground will allow you to smoke.

If a person ever smokes in their room, a flat fee of up to 500 euros may be applied.


Pressing service available from Monday to Friday, laundry drop-off before 8am, return around 8pm. Please drop off your bag at reception or call 9 to have it picked up. The fee and schedule is available at the reception.

Upon request, we can provide you with an iron and ironing board directly in your room.

Additional blankets, duvets, and pillows are available on request by calling reception.


A courtesy tray is available to you for free in your room. If you wish to refill your bottle of micro-filtered water, please go to the bar, where you can help yourself to complementary still or sparkling water.


The hotel does not have private parking.

There are paid public car parks near the hotel, the Sainte Aurélie, with which we have partnerships.

Traduire Rates and discount ticket to be requested at reception.


The location of the hotel Tandem gives it direct access to the central station and the tram located 200m away.

Access to the Tram station A, D and C are done at Central Station.

The nearest tram station B is the Faubourg National, a 5-minute walk away.

Feel free to request a plan at reception or download the CTS app Transport Strasbourg. Tickets can be bought directly at the ticket kiosk.

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