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-10% when booking directly

Our Producers

The vegetables

We select our fruits and vegetables locally and from our kitchen garden from farm seeds, without the use of pesticides, respecting the seasons and taking advantage of the abundance of spring and summer and the beautiful maturities to cleverly preserve this abundance for the colder months.

The Gardens of the Green Mountain

Located in Strasbourg, less than 2km from the hotel, “les Jardins de la Montagne Verte” is an organic and solidarity-based producer. Supplying ourselves with their fruits and vegetables is also a way of helping people reintegrate into the workforce.

The islet of the Meinau

The Islet of the Meinau is a real urban farm located in the historic district of the Meinau in Strasbourg which produces about forty varieties of vegetables on a 10-hectare area under sustainable agriculture.

Meat and fish

Discover tasty meats thanks to a slow breeding of the animal where the first of the food is found in the meadows. Our fish come from sustainable fishing and from several fish farms in Alsace that benefit from an impeccable water quality.

Fritsch Farm

Mr. Fritsch and their children are producers of Alsatian meats and deli meats. They raise their cows in the pastures of the Vosges and their pigs on straw beds. To go and meet them is to understand the difficulty of this profession of breeder and butcher.

At the Sources of the Heimbach

Located in the Vosges du Nord regional park, near Wissembourg, the Billmann family, fish farmers since 1987, patiently raise their trout and Arctic char in a 1st category water, the Heimbach.

Cereals and legumes

Whether left whole, ground or in liquid form, they are an important source of energy and slow sugars for us. They are organic and are called dried peas, lentils, beans, wheat, oats, rice or spelt and we make many uses of them, from bread to cakes to salads or served at breakfast. Our supply is local or from small producers.

Thierry Schwartz

Thierry Schwartz’s bakery is located in Obernai, from where he makes his natural sourdough breads with organic flour from mills located in Alsace. His motto “Nature at the service of bread”.

The Mill of the Monks

North of Strasbourg, the members of the Meckert family, organic precursors since 1970, occupy this genuine 13th century mill. In addition to the great variety of flours produced on the spot, this house refers no less than 1500 products resulting from the organic agriculture where we provide ourselves in bulk.

Cheese and dairy products

We searched long and hard for small producers who would combine product quality with respect for the environment, plastic-free containers (for less waste) and proximity. You will discover their products at breakfast or during your meal in the restaurant.

In Goeter

I was born in the south of Alsace, my name is A Goeter which means “good appetite” in Alsatian. With the help of 50 producers from Alsace and Lorraine I produce good milk to make yoghurt. I have an eco-responsible approach -no plastic – and I take place every day at the breakfast buffet to allow my producers to live on their passion.

Vogelgesang Farm

With the Vogelgesang farm we found a local player close to our hotel who supplies us with cheese and white cheese. The milk comes directly from Prim’Holstein black magpie cows who spend their time in pastures near the farm.

The wines

Alsace has a great wealth of land whether it is for its vineyards, its orchards and its large natural plains cultivated organically. We find at our doorstep passionate winemakers, brewers and apple growers that we have come to know and that we offer to taste throughout the day.

Mélanie Pfister

Melanie Pfister returned to the family estate in 2008 after a stay in one of the most beautiful Burgundian houses. She offers wines of great purity and great aromatic expression.

Domaine of Jonc Blanc

20 years ago, Isabelle and Franck left the Parisian subway to settle in Velines in the heart of the Dordogne to produceauthentic and “natural” wines with or without A.O.C. and in Biodynamie. The vineyards are grouped together, isolated from other crops in a unique place, a preserved island, a singular territory signed by the omnipresent limestone. You will find on our wine list white, red and rosé wines of a beautiful balance, racy and of a great freshness.

Olivier Pithon

The Pithon family is a big name in the French wine industry. On our map we have chosen Olivier, installed since 2001 in the Roussillon, in Calce. He has been producing biodynamic wines for the past ten years, which allows him to better understand his vines, soils and land to obtain more sensitive and accurate wines.


Alsace has a great wealth of land for its vineyards, its orchards and its large natural plains cultivated organically. We find at our doorstep passionate winemakers, brewers and apple growers that we have come to know and that we offer to taste throughout the day.

La Narcose Brewery

Created in 2015, the organic craft brewery “La Narcose” is located in the small village of Scharrachbergheim, at the gateway to the vineyards. Narcose was born from the encounter between Agathe, whose desire was to create a natural and tasty beer, and Olivier, a diving enthusiast. It is in an old carpenter’s workshop that the sweet beverage with multiple flavors is brewed. Whether blonde, white, amber, smoked, spiced or even with nettles, the beers are all certified organic. La Narcose is an environmentally friendly brewery: all waste is recycled, bottles are reused, and there is energy management.

Jump Fruit Juice

The Alsatian family business located in Sessenheim, 30 minutes from Strasbourg, has been producing fruit and vegetable juices for over 125 years, some of which have been organic for 30 years.

Tea and infusion Garden of Gaia

At the head of this human-sized company located in the north of Alsace since 1994, when it was founded, Arlette Rohmer offers high quality teas only from organic and biodynamic agriculture.
The gardens of Gaïa defend human and solidarity values through these producers and social and cultural values through their local anchorage.

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